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Book,not a gun? He said the gun had been recovered by detectives but no book was found. “It’s time to change the narrative. Four days after a Tulsa police officer fatally shot an unarmed black man who was standing outside his vehicle. “If an officer is scared behind the trigger of a gun, that scarier than a person who is walking down the street,” McCarthy said. Knight, 41, said he questions Putney’s version of events. “I find it difficult to believe, the story that the police are telling.” He said. “Until we see video from the scene and we see a gun, I for one am personally not going to believe that story.” The first time University of North Carolina student Justin Petty noticed the man sitting in his truck with a book, the sight struck him as odd, but he soon realized Scott’s reading was a daily habit as he waited for his son to be dropped off from school. The last time Petty saw Scott, he lay on the pavement, convulsing in his last moments of life. “He was sitting in his truck like he does all the time. He’s always waiting on his kid.” Said Frederick Coleman, who said he’s lived in the complex for about a year, becoming friendly with Scott. “This man was no thug,” he said. “He lives right here. Since when can you not sit where you live and wait for your child?” People from parts beyond the complex were drawn to the scene, including Calvin Bennett of Columbia.S.C. “You have a child coming off the bus and goes to meet daddy, but doesn’t know what to do because daddy’s dead,” Bennett said. “Think about that image for a minute. America should be outraged.”

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