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Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Art is also psychological: beauty, anger; any form of emotional power that is extracted from your subconscious creates great art. In a world that is surrounded by art we are in a linear perspective confined in a matrix, a matrix that is limited by time and energy, warped in a cosmic galaxy of anticipation and hope. We create art to express ourselves and to broadcast messages of resilience, enthusiasm and distress, but one occasion of beauty captured the very sure gaze of my awareness.

The basic formal elements composed in a simple symmetrical lay out captured the heartbeat of an outsider looking in on the mind of the creature. In keen inspection elevated the love for the pieces of mosaic expression. From the textures to the hues created a sense of psychological value enticing amusement, pleasure and attachment. The artist uses ply wood for texture and surrealism elevating the art from a horizontal plane to vertical creating an eye level experience. The dazzling hue captures your eyes and brings your sense of idealism to scatter. This peace was definitely an enjoyment. Two thumbs up!

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